About Us

It was decades spent in the residential home building and development industry that led Gentry Land Company’s key players to one another, and it was their in-depth knowledge of the industry, the processes and the area that convinced them to create the land development consulting company. Many companies are borne of a desire to foster an entrepreneurial spirit or to develop a business that can be handed down from generation to generation. And while those elements did come into play for Gentry Land after the company’s development, it was initially formed because clients expressed a need for land development consulting from a team who had made a name for themselves as trusted advisors and savvy industry insiders.

Mere weeks after leaving a national home builder as a result of the market crash in 2008, Reed Berlinsky was actually on vacation in the Midwest when he received a phone call from a contact back in Florida asking him what he was up to. They needed help with a land development deal and they knew Reed had vast knowledge of the market, understood the formulas for assessing risk, could identify potential buyers, and above all, they knew they could trust him to manage their assets. Before long, more clients were coming to Gentry Land Company asking for similar services, and the company grew to include more team members from the home building and development industries who could provide services ranging from land development to asset management to builder services to entitlements to owner’s representative consulting, and everything in between.

With more than 80 years of collective experience, Gentry Land’s key executives have successfully acquired, developed and managed mixed-use and residential land development projects, and the future looks bright.

Our Vision

Gentry Land aims to serve as a trusted advisor to clients who want the maximum return on their investments while knowing that their assets will be holistically evaluated, protected and developed with the end goal of providing individual client service.

Key Players

Reed Berlinsky

Reed Berlinsky is the founder of Gentry Land Company, specializing in the acquisition, development and management of mixed-use and residential communities in the southeastern United...

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Tripp Berlinsky

Tripp Berlinsky is responsible for land development and management at Gentry Land Company. In his role, Tripp assesses properties, and then works through entitlement, permitting,...

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Matt Call

Matt Call leads the development team for Gentry Land, overseeing the assessment, management and development of land assets. With more than 12 years of experience...

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Mike Liquori

With an extensive background in financial analytics for homebuilding and land development companies, Mike Liquori combines his market knowledge, analytical expertise and thorough understanding of...

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